2021 Commitment Form

Through the grace of God and in Thanksgiving for all of God's blessings, I/We pledge our gifts and resources for the mission of our faith community.

Last year you pledged:

This year, I/We commit to payments in the amount of:


Holy God,

It is not always easy to give what we have.

We count pennies.

We weigh the pros and cons.

We calculate what we have given before.

And we remind ourselves what we are giving now.

And yet,

Even though it can take work for us to practice release,

We trust that you can take these gifts -

However freely our reluctantly given -

And use them to build a more beautiful world.

For that is who you are,

You are forever building castles out of sand,

Disciples our of people, and new life out of cautious gifts.

Right what is wrong.

Balance the systems of injustice.

Use these gifts to build the world that we can only imagine

But you can bring forth

In Christ's Name we pray,